(Image description: A partial screenshot of a blog post. The title reads “How I reduced screaming and verbal stimming in my child with autism”, and below that is a colour photograph of a hand holding a rectangular plastic “clicker” device.)

I think I may have mentioned this blog post, and the sadness and confusion I felt when I came across it, in one of my videos. This screenshot is from the blog of an “autism parent”. Yes, that is a clicker. Yes, she is encouraging the use of animal training methods on Autistic children. Yes, she considers any kind of vocal stimming, not just screaming, to be a “bad behaviour”. To top it all off, her blog banner reads, “Discovering SOLUTIONS to the Everyday Problems of Living with AUTISM”. Here is an excerpt from her tutorial on how to train your disabled child like a dog to have a “Quiet Mouth”:

Third, I sat back and watched my child. Since he was making bad noises, I decided to reinforce Quiet Mouth (i.e., lips together, no sound). Whenever he had a split second of Quiet Mouth, I immediately tagged (made a click-sound with the device) and handed over a treat. Every time his mouth was Quiet, I tagged (clicked) and treated. Soon there was much more Quiet Mouth behavior. When doing this it is important to ignore and pay no attention to vocal stims or screaming. Do not look at the child, do not speak to him/her or explain. Just say nothing, and immediately tag and treat as soon as there is even a split second of Quiet Mouth. You can also tag and treat a child for any appropriate vocalizations. If he/she says a nice word, or makes an appropriate comment, then tag and reinforce that. Your goal is to increase Quiet Mouth and appropriate vocalizations.

And sadly, as bad as this attitude and treatment of Autistic children is, this is a relatively tame example when compared to the other unethical treatments, therapies, and methods of discipline that Autistic children are being subjected to every day (all in the name of making them appear less obviously Autistic). This is why we need Autism Acceptance Month and not the fear-mongering, negative, misinformed “awareness” that Autism Speaks and its allies are pumping out this April.

We need acceptance because Autistic children should be loved and accepted wholly and completely for who they are, not hurt and mistreated in their parent’s frantic search for a “cure”. Because Autistic people deserve to be treated with respect and listened to, not silenced and forced or coerced to conform to an ableist, non-disabled ideal. Because Autistic children need accommodation and understanding to live healthy, happy lives, not sketchy “treatments” and intensive, soul-crushing “therapies” to try to make them appear more neurotypical and less Autistic.

For more information on ASAN’s Autism Acceptance Month, see the about page on the website here:


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The British National Party (or BNP) is a ultra-right wing political party in the UK. They hold xenophobic, racist, sexist, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and deeply fascist views (to name a few). 

In 2009 BNP members ran for seats in the European Parliament claiming they were ‘Battling for Britain’. Their aims was to stop Eastern European immigration into the UK, particularly from Poland.

The British National Party’s poster for a campaign that promised ‘less Eastern European workers stealing British jobs’ featuring an iconic image of a Spitfire. The pictured Spitfire was flown during the Battle of Britain where it defended the British Isles from German invasion. 

The pictured Spitfire belonged to, and was operated by, the 303 Squadron, a highly decorated, highly successful fighter squadron of the RAF - it also happened to be completely filled by Polish airmen (and one Canadian) who had been rescued from France before it’s occupation. 

While fighting the immigration of Polish citizens into the UK, the BNP managed to call to memory the sacrifices made by Polish citizen who actually did ‘Battle for Britain’. Fortunately, in Britain’s time of need there were Polish airmen willing to do the job.

Otherwise known as - the most wonderful fuck up ever witnesses by these eyes. 


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“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

― F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby

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Gene Tierney in Laura, 1944