Meet the worst person on Youtube →

While researching a certain crazy anti-choice wannabe royal, I stumbled upon someone I believed had connections with her and her organization.

Meet Youtubelizer.

This is a woman who stands outside of abortion clinics harassing people trying to enter the parking lot, whether they’re on foot or in a car. Her friends hold up graphic bloody fetus signs pointed towards the road while she does the talking.

Things she does in her videos:

-Posts close up face shots of people going to the facility.

-Posts everyone’s car make and model and their license plate number. She gloats that she is trying to invade their privacy and subject them to harassment from her kind.

-Screams “Mommy I’m scared! Daddy save me!” in a high pitched voice, pretending to be their fetus.

-She hands out baby booties to people she suspects are seeking abortions, trying to guilt them into continuing their pregnancy. When a woman who is not seeking an abortion and has a baby at home asks for some of the baby booties, she refuses.

-Tries to convert Catholics protesting at the same clinic by telling them they’re going to hell just as surely as those performing abortions.

-Tells couples who are not getting an abortion they have to get married if they want God to bless them. She is not happy with people simply not having abortions, she expects them to get shotgun weddings too.

-Tells women blatant lies about the facility and tells them they’ll get breast cancer if they have an abortion.

-Tells a pregnant teenager it’s good she’s getting an early start having kids because that way she can have a lot of them.

-Harasses and lectures women who have had miscarriages, showing them bloody fetus pictures with glee and telling them they share the guilt of abortion because they’re seeking necessary medical care at a facility that also does abortions.

-Asks every person with dark hair and olive skin if they speak English, even though every single person featured in the video does fluently, with an American accent. Even after conversing with them, assumes they’d prefer her fliers in Spanish.

-Says racist things to black couples coming in, refers to black men featured in her videos as “homeboys” and tells them to pull up their pants, even though no one shown has saggy pants.

-Tells a lesbian that “babies shouldn’t be raised in homes with homosexuals” and begs her to repent.

-Tells a woman birth control pills are the same as abortion.

-Asks a woman who is not seeking an abortion where she goes to church, and then posts the church address and phone number on her page to encourage people to call and harass the church about one of their members “supporting baby killers”.

-Tons of other horrible things I don’t have time to describe.

(And I have respect for this guy for calling her on her bullshit!)

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